Angel Brynner’s career began designing menswear & led to producing underground fashion shows in Nyc and Tokyo nightclubs. From there, Angel branched out into full-on one-night art invasions of spaces. Over the years, she has participated in and produced  solo and group art shows in a similar underground vein.

Since early 2008 she has been spending considerable amounts of time  in  different art communities scattered across North America, soaking up life and producing work “on the road style,” music blaring in her ears as she goes wherever she is led to see, serve and sow seeds.

The work created on the road has led to the Art of Life [AOL]project, aka AOLAB, KPM P31 & GLOBALBOHO. Her prolific output encompasses collages, murals, paintings, photography, stop-action film shorts,  fabric, jewelry collections and applied design, as well as literature[ ], having released the first four books of the /grievechronic\ series as of the Summer of 2017.







AUG 4TH- 18TH,2017. RITU:alist.SOLO exhibition. SEDONA ARTS CENTER special exhibition gallery. Sedona, AZ.

JULY 2017-AUG 2017. 3 WK DAY RESIDENT at the Sedona Summer Colony. Sedona, AZ.

JULY 13- AUG 18TH, 2017. 5WK ART RESIDENCY.Special Exhibitions gallery.SEDONA ARTS CENTER. Sedona, AZ.


DECEMBER 2016- FEBRUARY 2017. [RAW] Eurythmy.SOLO exhibition. PARSE SECO. ARROYO SECO de TAOS,NM. 

AUGUST 2016- SEPTEMBER 2016. AZ WEST. 6 WK ART RESIDENCY with Andrea Zittel. Joshua Tree, CA.




JANUARY 2013-present. Commission/NOLA :The Butterfly effect commissary tables. Audubon Insectarium.

OCTOBER 2012-present. Commission/NOLA :COCOON Butterfly encrusted dining room tables.IndiaHouse.
JUNE 2012-present. Commission/NOLA :The Hive commissary tables. Audubon Insectarium.

MARCH 2012. Art Residency/MEXICO. Hecho en Mexico.Kukuruku eco-hotel& Hostel. Queretaro, Mexico.

FEBRUARY 2012. Free-standing Installation/MIAMI BEACH: Baptized.Black.Light. Deco Walk. 

DECEMBER 2011. Full Site Installation/ MIAMI BEACH: Revival-Angel Brynner at the Deco Walk for Miami Art Week
Art Basel Miami Beach 2011. 

2011-2013. Free-standing Installation/ MIAMI BEACH:Alto Paraiso Rooftop Murals. 8×60 feet.

2010 November 25th- current . Free-standing Installation/NEW ORLEANS. Five 4x8ft modular murals. IndiaHouse. 

2010 March 31st- current. Free-standing Installation/ BAHAMAS: collaged surfboards and signage. Elvina’s. Eleuthera.

2010 March 31st- current.  Free-standing Installation/BAHAMAS for Surfers Haven. Eleuthera.
2010 February-April. Artist in residence/Surfer’s Haven.  Eleuthera, Bahamas.

2009.July 1st- current.  MURAL/Love.Peace.Rest/Aime.Paix.Reste.10x16ft Le Jazz, St.Denis Hotel courtyard.Montreal,Canada.

2007. July 10th- August 7th   SOCIETY/HARLEM NYC.solo show. Repatriated. the Homecoming.  30 paintings. 

2004. June -August   Space Untitled/SOHO, NYC. solo show. Exodus Adaptive. collection of collages, illustrations.

2000. April     Full venue interactive  event installation. Gulag.Manzanar  installation invasion.Angela Bell Menswear.
Playa Nightclub/Tokyo Japan.

1998. April     Full venue interactive event installation. Kamikaze installation invasion. Angela Bell Menswear.
Tunnel Nightclub/NYC. 



2007 July 21st-September1st.  Party like a Rock-star! group show GALLERY M HARLEM NYC.
Destiny: Alignment with above. collage series. 

2004 December   Alex Lauterstein collaborative group show. NOHO.  eMPATHY21/FLUX SERIES




2016. Remnant for Globalboho. 50 piece jewelry collection. 

2013. Kokopelli  for AOLAB. 200-piece jewelry collection. 
2011. Belief brings/South Beach series. 300-piece Collage series. 
2011.Free-standing Installation/ Alto Paraiso Rooftop Murals. 8×60 feet. South Beach.

2010. Free-standing Installation/Three 4x8feet modular murals. New Orleans.
2010. Resolution.205-piece collage series New Orleans.
2010. Freedom. 13-piece multimedia self-portrait series. Bahamas.
2010. Free-standing Installation/ Four collaged surfboards& signage for Elvinas. Bahamas.

2009. The Trilogy. 229-piece collage series. Seattle.
2009. Exile. 33-piece collage series. Toronto.
2009. Dreaming Empyrean. 59-piece collage series. Toronto.
2009. SUITABLE, stage II.” self-portrait photo collage/film project
2009. DOGSTAR.  40-piece collection of one of a kind jewelry. Montreal.
2009. KOKOPELLI. 30-piece collage series. Montreal
2009. Love.Peace.Rest/ Aime.Paix.Reste.  10x16ft mural in Montreal.
2009. Over the shoulder of Love. 31-piece collage series.Montreal.
2009. Basel/Gershwin series. 58-piece collage series.
Switzerland/NYC. 2009. OnPARIS, In New York. 70-piece collage series. NYC.

2008. Baptized. Black. Light.  9 piece painting series.NOLA/NYC.
2008. Indian Summer/NOLA, back in NYC.  65-piece collage series. 2008. Miami Skins. 24 piece collage series.
2008. Bring it on.  14-piece collage series. 2005-2006. Crossroads. photographic collages.

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