Artist/ Author Angel Brynner


Artist statement:


I make art out of my love for the beauty housed in even the smallest slivers of the world we occupy. I have intense love affairs with many mediums exploring this push to show love, always grounded in telling a story.


My first language is imagery, my second the words put to them.  Like dancing with the concept of “thought” in a tangible sense. My work can be read many ways, and my collages are the ultimate Rorschach test. People see what they need to in them. I am fed when they receive it as a snapshot of a world they thought only they can see.


In words, the expression of that dance centers around dealing with the wars we fight that no one speaks about and the weapons we have to win them that are often discounted by our own souls. I desire to trigger what I truly believe God included in us as artillery to be used: Our [healed] inner children.

My life’s work is to creatively set the captive inner children free in us all so we can do what we came here to do.


-Angel brynner

 ab modus operandi:

show the fantastic reality of "enjoy the ride", aka the self-work it often takes to find joy in the hills on the ride, hills that could suck to climb if you cant picture the views from the tops of them.